Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out of My Rear Window 4/10/11

Yup, that's the beginnings of green grass there.  The weather has been warmer, the plants are greening up, and the tree pollen is flying.  Spring is here!  It looks like the Common Redpolls are gone.  Since I got back from Virginia, I have seen fewer and fewer until, today, I have not seen a single one.  Now I just hope that the Goldfinches come back.

The feeder is pretty quiet today, but I did see this Red-bellied Woodpecker on my suet feeder.
 And, someone else was feeding there, also.   They certainly are opportunistic little critters.  Good thing they're so cute.
High on a telephone pole in the front, this turkey vulture was surveying his kingdom, seeing what dead things he could find.  It's not the greatest shot, and I had to adjust the picture quite a bit to bring him out more against the background.
Gina was watching it all from her perch in my kitchen window. 
And, I think that she was watching this little fellow most closely.  Here he is, my perpetual sign that Spring is not coming any more, it's here.  I love chipmunks, they're so cute, and such hard workers.  This guy, and all of his relatives, will spend the Spring, Summer and Fall under my feeder, frantically gathering up sunflower seeds.  I can just picture his underground lair as Winter comes, stuffed to the top with hundreds and hundreds of the seeds.  He'll be nice and cozy down there, as the cold winds blow.

Have a Happy Sunday, everyone!


Gary said...

Great post showing the activity in your yard. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Jim said...

Haven't seen a chipmunk around here, ever! I remember them years ago but lately nada!
Yes, spring has arrived.....enjoy.

Terry said...

Love the woodpecker!

Janet said...

Lovely little chipmunk- a real cutie ! we don`t often get to see woodpeckers in our garden but we hear them around !

Madi and Mom said...

What a happy post!!! Oh my we are two like souls with our birds and critters. I love chipmunks too.
The first time I ever saw a chipmunk was when we were visiting my brother in law in Syracuse. We went to Toronto for the weekend and lo and behold I saw my first chipmunk at the Tornoto Zoo.
I have a post you might enjoy tomorrow. LOL
Hugs Madi and Mom

texwisgirl said...

oh my gosh that chipmunk is CUTE!!! the shot you got of him on his tippy toes is priceless! i'm glad he's back to raid the seeds from your yard (and entertain your kitties and your blog readers!) LOVE the green in your backyard shot. Finally!!!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Those are wonderful photos, Auntie Louise! Wow!

John Gray said...

"he's a gander"
noone else knows

Upupaepops said...

Ahh that photo of Gina is perfect.

Saw my first TV's this weekend along the Columbia Gorge. They are my favorite flyers.

So effortless.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Your spring has been like Iowas. Those are some hungry redpolls! Love the red bellies. I had one at my feeder all winter but have not seen much of him in the past month or so.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Louise, I really love chipmunks and your pictures of one with a squirrel is really a good one! I'm just about done feeding the birds--I really would like to continue (I still have lots of seed) but the grackles and the blackbirds have just taken over everything and are not allowing the other birds to come near the feeders.

Leontien said...

Oh my you have a bunch of critters arround your hose! Love them all!


Canyon Girl said...

Thank you for thinking of my husband. He spent Friday at doctors and in labs. Will see a cardiologist tomorrow and may have to wear a heart monitor to see what's going on. I see a greenish tint to the trees in the background and I'm glad spring is there for you and your kitties.--Inger

Dreaming said...

It's looking might green there! I love the chipmunk. I miss them. We don't have them here, instead we have the 13-lined ground squirrels. They look somewhat similar, but the squirrels wreck havoc on all plants as they eat the roots.
Thanks for the kind comments about my friend's mare. Sorry you lost one that way also. It was such a shock. I was just glad that she was home and could get the horse looked at right away.

KB said...

I love seeing the green grass!

I love chipmunks too but I'm worried about ours. They're usually out of hibernation by now but I've seen none. A few years ago, it seemed like they all died during hibernation... I sure hope that didn't happen again.

What a beautiful colorful woodpecker. And your vulture photo is great!